Minori Courtyard

Michael’s Fine Art

Original Watercolors and Oil Paintings by Michael F. Shibley

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Twilight Hurva Ravello
Cliff Castle Siena
Yemen Square Jeru
People Fruit MrsKay
ThreeSisters HillTown View
Queen London Night2
Flowers Cafe Prague
 Amalfi Vernazza Sunrise Istanbul Street Car
Istanbul Skyline View from the Rialto Bridge Vernazza Harbor
Three Gondoliers Istanbul Streetcar Istanbul Lights
Going Home Man On The Street Divided Sheet #1
Divided Sheet #1 People In A Café Street People
Up To Dinner Steps Down Steel Gate
Steps Up New York People Wyoming Meadow
Cafe Watching Carroll Avenue 1 Carroll Avenue 2
Carroll Avenue Panorama Moosehead Ranch S & A Beads
Takoma Park Farmers Market Chateau Garden Sunlight
Tourettes sur-Loup